The beginning of the end(point), part two: halfway there

Friday 5 October 11:30 - 12:00, Red room

Adrian Sanabria (NopSec)

The endpoint security market has undergone two major rounds of consolidation over the past 20 years. After losing serious ground against malware authors early this decade, the industry has found its stride. With a better handle on malware prevention, endpoint vendors have turned eyes and resources to new markets.

Some of what I predicted in my 2016 talk has come to pass, but there have also been some developments I didn't foresee, like the balkanization of endpoint vendors due to political pressure. This talk picks up where the previous one ended. It will feature an updated five-year roadmap for endpoint security as well as exploring my previous predictions.



Adrian Sanabria

Adrian is the VP of Strategy and Product Marketing for NopSec. He spent a decade building security programs and defending large financial firms. He also spent many years as a consultant, performing penetration tests, PCI audits and other security-related assessments. Adrian learned the business side of the industry as a research analyst for 451 Research, working closely with vendors and investors.

Prior to NopSec, Adrian co-founded Savage Security, an applied research and consulting firm dedicated to making it easier for defenders to succeed. He continues this mission at NopSec, which helps practitioners by prioritizing, cleaning, and generally making sense of vulnerability data.

Adrian is an outspoken researcher who doesn't shy away from uncomfortable truths. Adrian loves to write about the industry, tell stories and still sees the glass as half full.


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