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Virus Bulletin is a security information portal, testing and certification body with a formidable reputation for providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape.

The annual international Virus Bulletin conference is cited by many as the IT security event of the year.

The people behind Virus Bulletin

Virus Bulletin is headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK with staff both in-house and working remotely across Europe. Supporting the core team are a consultant Technical Editor and an Advisory Board comprising some of the world's leading IT security experts.


Peter Karsai - Head of Testing

Peter-Karsai-100.jpgPeter Karsai comes from the vendor side of IT security, after having been the product manager for Vamsoft ORF, a spam filter product for Microsoft® Exchange Server, for 15 years. He has an extensive background in software design and development and is fascinated by everything IT security. When he is offline, he spends his time with his kids, or in the workshop, turning wood into sawdust (man glitter, that is!).

Peter joined Virus Bulletin in 2017 to focus on managing and developing the company's testing activities.

Peter Karsai can be contacted at [email protected].


Allison Sketchley - Sales Executive

Allison Sketchley

Having spent the majority of her working life in finance, and with the previous 7.5 years spent in credit control, Allison decided in 2007 to broaden her horizons to include sales. Allison joined Virus Bulletin in March 2007 and is responsible for the sales function for the whole suite of VB products and services encompassing the annual VB conference, VB100, VBSpam & VBWeb. Of the move to sales she felt it would make a refreshing change to contact people without having to demand payment all of the time. Though, lest she forget her finance roots, she also maintains the accounting side of VB's operations.

Allison Sketchley can be contacted at [email protected].


Adrian Luca - Security Test Engineer & Threat Intelligence Officer


Adrian has a Master's degree in network communications and a Bachelor's degree in electronics and telecommunication from 'Gheorghe Asachi' Technical University of Iași.

Adrian joined Virus Bulletin in September 2014 after having spent three years working as an anti-spam researcher at Bitdefender in his native Romania.

In his first six years at VB Adrian developed and ran the VBWeb test. He is currently leading the threat intelligence efforts at VB, working on acquiring, analysing and validating both email-borne and other threats.

He enjoys threat detection, scripting languages and learning new things. When he is offline he also likes to play with his kids, grow plants and walk outside to enjoy nature.



Helen Martin - Editorial Assistant


After leaving Oxford University with a degree in Biology, Helen became involved in the publishing industry, working on titles ranging from academic scientific journals to trade magazines and a parenting website.

In 2001, Helen took up the position of Editor of Virus Bulletin, with overall responsibility for the company's publications, events and testing activities.

After 13 years as Editor, in May 2014 Helen chose to combine a move to rural Italy with scaling back her responsibilities and took on the new role of Editorial Assistant - retaining responsibility for proofing and editing Virus Bulletin's material and assisting in the planning and organising of the VB conference.


Csaba Mészáros – Security Test Engineer

csaba_meszaros.jpgCsaba has a Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering with telecommunication from the "Miklos Zrinyi National Defense" University in Budapest, Hungary. He spent six years working in the Hungarian Defense Forces and NATO as a professional soldier (officer) where he led a CIS platoon. He then spent five years at Citibank and BT as an applications security and vulnerability management consultant, where he gained knowledge of IT security programmes and products/systems information security certification.

Csaba joined Virus Bulletin in November 2018, where his responsibilities include assisting with the VB100 testing of anti-malware products.


Ionuț Răileanu - VBSpam Test Lead


Ionuț has a Bachelor's degree in computer science from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, Romania. He spent four years as an Antispam Researcher at Bitdefender, where he developed an email blacklisting filter and gained experience in the anti-spam field.

Ionuț joined Virus Bulletin in September 2015, inititally to assist with the VBSpam comparative testing of anti-spam products, and later taking on the role of VBSpam Test Lead.



Bálint Tanos - Operations Manager

BT.jpgAfter acquiring a Ph.D. in linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University, and working several years as a researcher in the digitalization of ancient languages, Balint turned towards the fitness industry. He became the development manager of a network of 12 gyms based in Hungary. His deep interest in data, statistics and quantitative analysis generally steered him towards the Lean Six Sigma management system. When not crushing numbers and chasing people with tasks due yesterday, he frequently plays sports with his wife and daughter.

Bálint joined Virus Bulletin in the summer of 2021 as Operations Manager, where he acts as a coordinator of all test-related activities, and primarily the lord of all deadlines with the non-concealed goal of forcing all the procedures under statistical process control.

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