Consultancy Services

Private bespoke testing and consultancy services offered by Virus Bulletin

Virus Bulletin's team of expert testers and our range of testing tools and frameworks, developed over many years of specialist testing, are available for a range of private, bespoke testing and consultancy purposes.

Services for security developers

Virus Bulletin's team can help evaluate new solutions, compare your products with others on the market on a range of scales, or simply provide honest, independent advice and opinions to help improve and evolve the protections you offer to your customers. We provide a range of standard testing procedures at fixed prices, or can craft bespoke proposals to fit your specific needs.

Services for users of security solutions

Is your business looking to purchase a new security solution? Do you want to get more out of the solutions you have in place? Our experts can help you select the best solutions for your needs, implement and maintain them in the most suitable manner for your security requirements and available resources, or simply check your existing setup is properly configured and providing the best possible protection from the latest threats.

For a frank and fair appraisal of your needs and how we can help, contact the VB team at [email protected]

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