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Virus Bulletin's testing and certification services

Virus Bulletin is a world-renowned independent testing and certification body, active in testing, reviewing and benchmarking security solutions for over 20 years. Our regular public certifications cover security threat protections of all types as well as enterprise-level anti-spam solutions. Our team of expert testers and our testing frameworks are available for a wide range of private testing and consultancy work.


The VB100 certification scheme has been in operation since 1998, the certification being awarded to products that meet the basic standards required to be recognised as legitimate and properly functioning anti-malware solutions.

The VB100 certification itself is designed to provide a stamp of quality and competence, while each bi-monthly summary report provides insight into recent certifications.

Latest Report

The April 2021 VB100 test report

VB100 Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VB100 tests and reports

VB100 Methodology

Methodology for the VB100 certification test

VB100 Test Archive

Details of all previous VB100 tests


The VBSpam certification is a world-leading test of enterprise email security solutions, putting the leading solutions on the market to the test against the latest waves of spam and malicious email campaigns.

Tested in real time against live feeds of current spam, malicious emails, newsletters and legitimate emails, the VBSpam comparative reports provide a unique insight into the performance of the world's leading spam-filtering technologies.

Latest Report

The March 2021 VBSpam comparative test report

VBSpam Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VBSpam test reports

VBSpam Methodology

How the VBSpam comparative tests are carried out

VBSpam Test Archive

Details of all previous VBSpam comparatives


The VBWeb certification scheme measures the effectiveness of gateway web filtering technologies, testing how well they block access to dangerous sites and pages without preventing workers from reaching useful resources online.

Our VBWeb test system challenges enterprise web filters to spot the latest online threats, from drive-by downloads to phishing scams, so you can pick the best solution for your business.

Latest Report

The Spring 2020 VBWeb comparative test report

VBWeb Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VBWeb test reports

VBWeb Methodology

The rules of the VBWeb comparative test

VBWeb Test Archive

Archive of VBWeb test reports.

Consultancy Services

Virus Bulletin's expert testing services are available for a range of consultancy work, including performance analysis of new solutions, private comparatives and product evaluations to help businesses select the best products for their needs. Find out more...


AMTSO Member


Virus Bullletin is a member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), having joined the organization at its foundation in 2008. We routinely consult and refer to AMTSO best practices and guidelines when designing and updating our testing processes and methodologies.



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