ISPs refile lawsuits

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Mar 1, 2004

AOL and EarthLink refile suits against spammers

US Internet service providers AOL and EarthLink have each refiled lawsuits against prolific spammers.

A Florida man and married couple are accused by AOL of conspiring with two Americans based in Thailand to route mortgage scam solicitations to AOL customers and of developing a software program designed to circumvent AOL's spam filters.

Meanwhile, EarthLink has accused 16 individuals and companies in Florida, California, Tennessee and Michigan, of operating a spam ring, sending out more than 250 million emails advertising herbal supplements, Viagra and adult dating services.

Although both cases were originally filed in 2003, a federal court in Virginia ruled that AOL had shown insufficient evidence of damages caused by the defendants in Virginia. The company has refiled the case in Orlando. EarthLink has amended its original suit to include the names of the defendants.

Posted on 1 March 2004 by Virus Bulletin




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