Cajun spammer tells it like it is

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   May 23, 2004

Straight talking spammer

A prolific emailer (read spammer) has told the US Senate Commerce Committee that, although the 30 million email messages he sends out each day comply with legislation (they all contain his contact details and an opt-out facility), he is prepared to deploy devious tactics if his messages continue to be blocked by ISPs.

Reuters reports that Ron Scelson, aka the 'Cajun spammer', asked the Senate, "Does the government want us to mail legally or not?". Scelson said that, although he was working to comply with ISPs' policies for acceptable use, he found that many large providers are continuing to block his messages outright.

Scelson is reported to have told the Senate "You passed a law that looks good, but doesn't do a whole lot." Quite.

Posted on 23 May 2004 by Virus Bulletin




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