Help for victims of e-crime

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Jan 17, 2008

Cybercrime support website launched.

A website dedicated to helping victims of online crime and other incidents has been launched in the UK. The site,, aims to provide information and support for those who have been victims of online crime.

Initially the site offers information about online shopping - providing details of consumer rights when shopping online and taking part in online auctions, as well as information about legislation applicable to online shopping and how to lodge a complaint.

Going forward the aim of the site is to provide information on more aspects of cybercrime, including phishing, spam and scams, as well as news on viruses and other web nasties. Visitors to the site are invited to send in details of their experiences (in confidence) if they have encountered problems concerning email, instant messaging, SMS - or any other form of cybercrime.

The site is run by the E-Victims Organisation Community Interest Company (CIC), an independent organisation that works with industry, consumers, support charities, policing and government agencies to provide advice to victims of cybercrime, and is funded by a combination of industry sponsors, charitable trusts and donations. An advisory council includes well-known figures in the anti-spam community such as Dr Richard Clayton of the University of Cambridge and Richard Cox of spam-fighting organisation Spamhaus as well as representatives of the House of Lords, the Internet Watch Foundation, the Publishers Association, AOL UK, Thus Plc and

Posted on 17 January 2008 by Virus Bulletin



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