Phishers phishing phishers' phishes

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Feb 15, 2008

Scam software secretly sending stolen data to creators.

Phishing researchers have uncovered code buried in phishing software kits, sold by developers to less technically aware phishing gangs, which secretly forwards any valuable data gathered to its creators.

The developers of much of the malware used in phishing were thought to mostly profit from sales of their software kits, rather than running the risk of carrying out phishing attempts and converting stolen data into hard cash, often across national borders, instead leaving the actual operation of the scams they devise to criminal gangs with more experience in these areas but lacking the computing know-how to actually program the malware they use.

However, according to research to be presented at the Black Hat conference in Washington DC, some such software has extra functionality hidden inside it which, as well as passing the data it gathers on to the controllers who have bought and disseminated the kit, also forwards it to addresses hard-coded into the program for the benefit of the creators.

The scammer scamming was spotted by researchers delving deep into the world of phishing and phishers, who discussed their findings with A report is here.

Posted on 15 February 2008 by Virus Bulletin



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