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Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Aug 20, 2008

September 2nd deadline set for Windows Server 2008 test

VB has issued a call for submissions for the latest VB100 comparative review, which will test the performance of products available for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platform (Standard Edition, 32-bit). The comparative will test the performance of products supporting the platform, measuring detection rates and scanning speeds under VB's strict testing protocols.

The deadline set for product submissions is September 2nd, with test sets and test platforms frozen on August 29th - the latest WildList available from the WildList Organization on this date will be used for the test. Those products which prove capable of detecting the full contents of the WildList, both on access and on demand, without raising any false positives on a set of known-clean files, will be awarded VB100 certification.

An overview of the VB100 testing process can be found here, with more in-depth details of the testing procedures here. Submission is entirely free of charge, and any software vendors interested in submitting a product for the test should contact John Hawes for further information. The schedule for future comparatives is here.

The results of the test will appear in the October issue of Virus Bulletin, available (from 1 October) to subscribers only - see here for details of how to subscribe.

Previous test update: In the last VB100 comparative, published in the August edition of VB, the product submitted by Bullguard was found to miss certain filetypes in on-access mode, including some samples from the WildList test set. Further analysis has found that this issue was caused by a limited set of extensions being in use on initial installation. A second reboot has been shown to correct this issue, which has also been corrected in subsequent product releases, and most users running the product would have been properly protected.

As the product was also found to have raised false positives during the test, this update does not affect its qualification for VB100 certification, but the information is being released to reassure Bullguard's users.

Posted on 20 August 2008 by Virus Bulletin



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