Programme for VB2019 Threat Intelligence Practitioners' Summit announced

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Sep 13, 2019

In its almost 30-year history, the Virus Bulletin Conference has evolved to become perhaps the most international threat intelligence event of the year. This is yet again reflected on this year's conference programme, which features speakers from around the globe who will come to London to discuss the latest threats and the tools to analyse them.

With so many threat intelligence practitioners together in one location, we think it makes sense also to focus on the issues they face in their work generating, sharing and consuming such intelligence. And thus, for the second year running, the (slightly renamed) Threat Intelligence Practitioners' Summit (TIPS) will take place.

The TIPS is a one-day mini-summit that forms an integral part of the Virus Bulletin Conference: separate tickets are neither available nor required!

In the TIPS, for which we partner with the Cyber Threat Alliance, we mix a number of keynote talks with panel discussions and a fireside chat.

In the first keynote, F-Secure CTO Mika Ståhlberg will discuss how machine learning and large amounts of data have changed the collection, sharing, analysis and use of threat intelligence data. Later, MITRE's Richard Struse will discuss the both STIX 2.0 and MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework in his keynote.

Dragos analyst Selena Larson will give a keynote on the nexus between information technology and operational technology – something that is particularly relevant to threat intelligence related to industrial control systems. And Virtru's in-house social scientist Andrea Limbago will discuss how we can build sharing systems that treat humans as features rather than bugs.

In the three panel discussions, meanwhile, threat intelligence experts from companies and organisations around the world will discuss how threat intelligence can be operationalised, what myths exist around the sharing of threat intelligence and, to close of the summit, where threat intelligence is heading. (At time of writing, the details of the fireside chat are still to be confirmed.)

Don't forget to book your ticket for VB2019 to get access to the full three-day conference and to meet threat intelligence experts and practitioners from around the world!




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