Why we encourage newcomers and seasoned presenters alike to submit a paper for VB2020

Posted by    on   Feb 6, 2020

Over almost three decades, the Virus Bulletin Conference has built a reputation as a conference that produces solid content. While you might be forgiven for thinking this comes from having experienced speakers with decades' worth of experience doing security research, this is not always the case – it is often the bright minds of rising stars that bring important new insights to the conference floor.

As such, it not only experienced speakers that we look out for when putting together the conference programme. We always aim for a diverse programme, not just in terms of topics and the speakers' backgrounds, but also when it comes to the experience of speakers. We can all learn something from the fresh angle a new speaker can bring, or from the knowledge of a speaker who has thus far kept their work to themselves just as much as from the well-seasoned conference presenter.

Indeed, we are proud to have given some less well experienced speakers both the opportunity and the support required to deliver their papers at VB in the past and from there to go on speak at many other events.

What's more, aside from presenting their work to industry peers at the event itself, many VB Conference speakers find that their written papers (which form part of the Conference Proceedings - a book containing the papers that accompany each of the presentations) are also referenced on security blogs, in whitepapers, and sometimes even in academic research, and in some cases continue to be referenced long after the close of the conference at which they were presented.

If you need any convincing to submit a proposal for VB2020, have a look at some of the things past VB Conference speakers – both newcomers and seasoned presenters – have said about their experiences.


So, whether you've never presented before, or whether you're a conference circuit veteran, if you have some interesting research to share with the community we want to hear from you! Why not go ahead and submit your proposal now?

VB2020 takes place in Dublin, Ireland, 30 September to 2 October 2020.




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