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Email authentication in the open

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Dec 2, 2004

35 high-profile organisations sign open letter, calling for a rapid rollout of email authentication technologies

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Spam-reporting trial

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Dec 1, 2004

Australia's latest anti-spam initiative

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Australia to protect critical computer systems

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 30, 2004

Vulnerability assessment for country's critical infrastructure systems

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Lycos turns hippy on spam

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 29, 2004

'Make love not spam'

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Spam survey

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 29, 2004

Do women hate spam more than men? Are humans better at identifying spam than computers? Make your contribution to (anti-)spam research...

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Standardised malware naming for the new year

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 25, 2004

An end to the virus-naming problem?

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Most spammed

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 19, 2004

Think you've got it bad? Spare a thought for Bill.

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29A virus writer sentenced

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 18, 2004

Member of notorious virus-writing group found guilty.

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Latest VGrep

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Nov 5, 2004

The latest version of the virus name lookup tool - VGrep, is now available.

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Storms put the wind up spammers

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Oct 29, 2004

Significant decline in the volume of spam messages seen in the days immediately following the three recent hurricanes.

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