Educating the users

David Phillips The Open Univeristy, UK

Educating the users

Graham Cluley mentions in VB Magazine, Jan 2002:

"we can expect to see more RAT's (Remote Access Trojans) exploiting the increasing number of home users permanently connected to the Internet."

I think this is becoming a larger problem as the world gets connected. But how do we educate the users, not just at home but in the office?

The Open University in the UK is running a "short course program" at degree level, in computed related studies and they are run over 10 - 12 weeks, with examinable components to the course. By May 2004 it is proposed to have a short course on "Malware" available to complement its other IT courses.

The idea is to give those students studying computing related courses a view of the "Flipside" of this technological wonder. This paper will examine the approach taken, the content envisaged and the intended "Learning Outcomes" in relation to a first level degree course while trying to tackle the increasing problem of "Educating The Masses" in relation to Malware.


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