Prevention vs cure vs freedom: achieving the business balance

Peter Cooper Sophos Plc

Prevention vs cure vs freedom: achieving the business balance

The virus threat has changed significantly over recent times: gone are the days of mass-hysteria relating to DOS viruses and arcane Word or Excel infections. Modern malware can take a number of guises and the side-effects of these can range from sublimely clever to devastatingly destructive. At the same time, business user requirements are changing: deadlines are getting tighter and the scope for things going wrong is increasing. In an ideal world, business practices should strike a balance between productivity, practical levels of freedom and common sense data security precautions.

In general, prevention is better than cure. Preventative methods do, however, cost time and money: selecting the most relevant processes is vital to minimise the infection potential of the virus threat. Removal and disinfection of malware from an infected network can be a long and arduous process which - with planning and forethought - can be avoided or limited, saving time and money.

There is no textbook solution for your company procedures. This paper will provide you with the information, evidence and arguments for you to create or modify an action plan to your own requirements.


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