Real-time WildList

Bruce Hughes ICSA Labs

Real-time WildList

The Real-time WildList (RTWL) is the first step forward that will take the WildList on-line. The main goal is to spread work out more evenly through the month. It will also give reporters a process to report viruses as they are spreading instead of reporting what happened last month. WildCore will also be updated and distributed to vendors and testers as viruses are added to the WildList.

A beta of this project will start the end of April and the project could be live by the time VB comes around.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Status of the WildList.
  • How the WildList has been compiled in the past.
  • Problems.
  • Solution RTWL.
  • Report showing how much up to date the RTWL is compared how it was done.
  • Report how Beta project is doing.
  • How will this change the way testers do their tests?
  • Has this helped improve AV products?


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