Preventing the next blast - the necessity of intrusion prevention systems in the fight against malware infections

Brian Gault Greenwich Technology Partners
Christine Whalley Greenwich Technology Partners

Organizations continue to struggle with malware attacks that cripple their network performance and connectivity. This paper first provides the audience with a detailed discussion of the hidden costs of malware prevention - from the pulling and pushing updates and the impacts of infections on bandwidth, mailboxes, and corporate and social culture. To reduce and/or avoid these hidden costs, the paper will explore the use of Intrusion Prevention technologies for hosts and networks as a way to help organizations both mitigate "day zero" attacks while enforcing enterprise policies. Intrusion Prevention technologies will be compared with widely implemented Intrusion Detection and anti-virus technologies. This paper will explore the ROI and cost avoidance issues between Intrusion Prevention and the current anti-virus specific products. This paper will also delineate the key characteristics necessary for implementing successful host and network Intrusion Prevention Systems that will protect against malware attacks such as essential behaviours to monitor and possibly block.


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