A traveller's diary - one organization's journey to improve its anti-virus infrastructure

Margaret Patton Ministry of Management Services, Government of British Columbia

This presentation will take you on a journey. This journey is one that the Government of British Columbia has taken that led us from an old, unmanaged anti-virus desktop/server infrastructure to a new and better model. It will describe our three-year trek from decentralized to centralized and from unmanaged to managed.

This travelogue will describe our experiences, which included changing from one vendor to another as part of this journey. It will describe how and why we selected a new product, how we planned to change over 30,000+ desktops and servers within a relatively short timeframe, and how this transition assisted us in evolving our infrastructure.

You will find out where we "lost our baggage" along the way, where we got "bumped up to first class", and what our current "travel status" is. This presentation will also touch on how such changes can affect product choice and longevity.


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