I know what you did last logon: keystroke logging, spyware and privacy

Jeff Williams Microsoft

The act of capturing keystrokes on a computer can manifest in a range of ways from completely benign to overtly criminal. In cases where the logged party is unaware of the activity there is also the possibility of financial impact through various types of fraud or personal endangerment when the logging is a component of stalking or domestic violence.

Key logging also has legitimate commercial uses such as consensual workplace monitoring, family safety and computer troubleshooting. To some, the thought of keystroke logging brings to mind the Orwellian surveillance society - a view that is reinforced by today's news as well as the increasing presence of keystroke loggers in spyware and botnets. We will explore the technical methods employed by both hardware and software-based key loggers, how keystroke loggers are integrated with specific malware threats, the user experience associated with various key loggers installed, and drill into the social and legal appropriateness of various use scenarios.


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