Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO): the status right now

Righard Zwienenberg Norman/AMTSO

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Most testers have been sticking to the same methodologies (if any) for too long. These methodologies have become incompatible with new technologically advanced methods to detect malware. Not knowing the concept of new technologies often results in flawed comparative results. As the entire industry is facing this problem over and over, a new organization has been formed - whose members include representatives of the industry, the testers and academics - to define requirements, guidelines and best practices for properly conducted tests.

The organization is formalized under the name AMTSO: Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization, and since its formation has been working on the first series of documents describing the aforementioned categories. This presentation will explain the AMTSO organization, what AMTSO is all about and give an overview of its finalized publications as well as the work in progress at the time of the conference.


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