The cloud or the mist?

Marian Radu Microsoft
Hilda Larina Ragragio Microsoft

There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way we live our lives. Shopping, watching videos, writing a diary - so much of our data that was localized is now stored in the 'cloud'. We easily give information (such as birthdays and credit card numbers) and take information (such as forwarded links or search results) without much regard for where and how exactly that data is stored, and how secure it is.

In Stephen King's novel The Mist, a mysterious fog blankets a town and wreaks havoc. Because the cloud is already integrated in so many parts of our online experience, its safety is vital to our security; otherwise havoc might ensue as well.

This paper will discuss the potential security risks of storing information in the cloud with respect to malware. It will explore whether malware can infiltrate the cloud, what effects it will have and what we can do to fight it. It will also delve into social engineering techniques that evolved only with the introduction of cloud technology. It will also look into the ethical ramifications of cloud computing - who is ultimately responsible for maintaining a secure environment when ownership of data is no longer traditional.


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