Attacks from the inside...

Righard Zwienenberg Norman
Eddy Willems G DATA

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Companies have invested heavily in building up their perimeter defences against incoming security threats. But what they often forget is to protect the inside of the network against these same threats. With so many external users having access to internal networks (contractors, telecommuters, VPN connections, etc.) via a host of connection methods, the fortified perimeter is ineffective at preventing such security breaches.

Also, a lot of companies have their heads in the clouds moving their services and/or servers to the cloud without realizing that they have already been using the cloud for almost a decade, while giving little or no thought to the security aspect of using services from the cloud. Even now, with the threat of financial penalties, they are not fully considering the security implications of such changes.

In this presentation, Eddy and Righard will outline and provide examples of a variety of possible scenarios for internal attacks. These attacks can cost a corporate or governmental entity credibility, availability, continuity or all of the above.

The possible scenarios will cover

  • The human factor
  • The corporate intranet
  • The private and the public networks connecting to the corporate network
  • The top nine problems of the 'in-the-cloud services' used by the corporate network


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