Automated targeted attacks: the new age of cybercrime

Stefan Tanase Kaspersky Lab

  download slides (PDF)

There's no doubt that cybercriminals are using targeted attacks to get deep inside corporate or SMB networks. In such an attack, one or several specific employees are being targeted. All the personal information they share can easily be collected by someone with bad intentions and later be used in sophisticated social engineering attacks.

Personal information that is unwittingly posted on social network day by day by such employees is a real gold mine for cybercriminals looking to profile a person as accurately as possible to ensure the success and efficiency of their targeted attack.

Usually, targeted attacks come with serious consequences, as recent public examples have shown. Given the popularity of intellectual property theft and corporate espionage, it is becoming extremely important to implement new, effective security strategies.

This presentation aims to discuss all aspects of targeted attacks and how social networks are playing an important role here. We will explain how to recognize these attacks and we will show how an organization can protect itself against these attacks effectively. Also, a live demo at the end of the presentation will shed some light on how such an attack works.


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