How much do you cost? The black market price of your digital data

Dmitry Bestuzhev Kaspersky Lab

  download slides (PDF)

Have you ever asked yourself "how much am I worth?" Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. If you haven't, now's the time to think about it - your computer-related data (credit card numbers, desirable ICQ UINs, premium RapidShare accounts, social network and email accounts, etc.) is a very attractive target for cybercriminals. Stolen credit cards are priced according to the country of issue, and the same goes for premium accounts for any popular web services, including online games servers.

This presentation shows how cybercriminals get their hands on confidential data, how they make money laundering, how this can be prevented, and what steps anti-virus vendors are taking to combat this threat. The presentation will also highlight the huge increase in trojan data theft during last five years, the most attacked credit card systems and social networks, and the most active countries in terms of production and delivery of data theft malware. Finally, based on our html frame, anyone will be able to make an average calculation of his/her own profile for the criminals.


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