Targeted malware attacks: then and now

Presented by Ken Dunham on behalf of Kim Gillo iSIGHT Partners

  download slides (PDF)

Targeted attacks often arrive silently and aim to exfiltrate specific information from companies and/or their recipients. These types of attacks have been the focus of media attention following announcements by major corporations that claim to be the focus of such attacks. This paper will discuss attacks such as the Better Business Bureau/IRS attacks from 2007 and 2008, recent attacks appearing to originate in China, as well as other unnamed attacks that have been less visible on the media radar.

The audience will be introduced to the history of targeted malware attacks and understand methods of targeting recipients and intended uses of the stolen data. The audience will learn about and follow along with analysis of the most common pieces of malware utilized in these attacks. They will gain a better understanding of the motives behind the groups conducting the attacks and will be provided with mitigation options for protecting against future attacks.


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