Waste management: the current state of sample sharing

Dmitry Gryaznov McAfee

At the Virus Bulletin 2007 Conference in Vienna, Joe Telafici and Dmitry Gryaznov presented "What a waste - the AV community DoSing itself". Three years later we have at least three times more malware appearing every day. How good are we at coping with the increased flood?

This presentation will provide a detailed view of the current numbers of malware samples circulating in malware collections that vendors and other players in the computer security field share with each other. The huge percentage of duplications in the collections will be discussed. The relevance of the collections to comparative testing and to real life "in the wild" encounters will be detailed. There will be examples of samples that make the most rounds in the sample sharing - both malicious and clean. A discussion of whether we, as an industry, should consider large-scale clean samples or metadata sharing will be offered.


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