2020 threats: too far away to discuss or too close to ignore?

Maksym Schipka Kaspersky Lab
Andrey Nikishin Kaspersky Lab

We live in interesting times. The pace of change in the IT industry is immense: software created a month ago is already outdated today. The ways we use the Internet are changing and the global information ecosystem changes our lives - think about the revolutions in the Middle East. We use feeds more and more instead of traditional browsing. Our personal computers get replaced by mobile devices. Company IT infrastructures are converted to a set of services provided via the web. Our information is somewhere out there 'in the cloud', available, accessible, ready for us anywhere, anytime. It is also available and ready for the bad guys anywhere, anytime. It greatly influences the IT security model in general and threat detection technologies and 'products' in particular.

By examining the technology change and innovations in the way we use the global information ecosystem, the authors will attempt to predict the shape of the anti-threat market in 2020. The presentation will talk about the kinds of threats that will exist, the types of 'products' that will be needed and the characteristics of threat protection companies that will remain relevant. The goal of the presentation is to open the minds of anti-threat experts and modern IT decision makers to the challenges of our high-tech future.