LAST-MINUTE PAPER: Operation ShadySHARE - towards better industry collaboration

Alex Eckelberry GFI Software
Dmitry Gryaznov McAfee
Graham Cluley Sophos
Ryan Naraine ZDNet

This year we've seen some big announcements from security companies right before the start of some security conferences. Disclosures have become a public relations game. The announcement about the discovery of the ShadyRAT malware stirred the most debate we'd seen in a while and it's clear the industry needs to find a better way to collaborate and share information during these big discoveries.

We will discuss the bigger issues around ShadyRAT and similar cases. How should we approach such cases? How can we cooperate in these situations? How do we cooperate with law enforcement and still share information with each other?

This and more will be discussed by:

  • Alex Eckelberry, GFI Software
  • Dmitry Gryaznov, McAfee
  • Graham Cluley, Sophos
  • Moderator: Ryan Naraine, ZDNet


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