Understanding consumer attitudes on anti-virus software (sponsor presentation)

Scott Joslin comScore

Through a powerful combination of behavioural and survey insights, comScore enables clients to better understand, leverage and profit from the rapidly evolving worldwide web and mobile arena.

comScore Chief Operating Officer Greg Dale will explore the characteristics of free anti-virus users as compared to paid anti-virus users and focus on geography, demographics and other unique data that anti-virus companies can use when introducing or refining new products and services. We will also offer insights into how our panelists react to malware news events in terms of their online searches and purchases of anti-virus software.

Each attendee of the conference will receive complimentary 14 days access to Media Metrix Core Reports in the country of their choice. This can help you determine which sites where you may advertise your product perform most effectively against your target audience in terms of size and composition. Media Metrix Core Reports can also be used to analyse emerging media trends to identify attractive new opportunities for reaching the desired audience.

comScore data are truly global - the company measures more than 3 million unique websites worldwide. Central to most comScore services is the opt-in comScore panel, the largest continuously measured consumer panel of its kind. With approximately 2 million worldwide consumers under continuous measurement, the comScore panel utilizes a sophisticated methodology that is designed to accurately measure people and their behaviour in the digital environment. This massive information network delivers one of the highest quality, most comprehensive views of Internet browsing, buying and other activity, in both digital and offline environments.


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