AMTSO update: changes afoot

Richard Ford Florida Institute of Technology

This August, AMTSO held a board meeting in Montreal. The goal of the meeting was to make significant changes to the organization of AMTSO and to set an aggressive but realizable agenda for the next 12 months. In this talk, we will brief the community about the changes that have happened, and some of the changes that members and stakeholders can expect.

The talk will describe what has worked over the last few years since the creation of AMTSO, and what has not. In addition, we will reveal part of our strategic plan in advance of the AMTSO meeting in Innsbruck. The focus on the talk will not be simply repeating the familiar AMTSO mantra, but will introduce the new Executive Team and their roles to the community, as well as provide a preview of some of the new technical efforts planned for the coming year. The testing of anti-malware software is an important part of the defensive ecosystem: tests are an important input into the development cycle. As such, the state of the art in testing impacts each and every person in the room, be they a vendor, tester or consumer.


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