Building a test environment for Android anti-malware tests

Hendrik Pilz AV-TEST

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The smartphone market has grown enormously over the last five years and mobile malware has evolved rapidly, too. In the Android world, we already have security products from all the well-known vendors, but there are also many new companies entering the market. Users require meaningful test results to make the right choice of personal anti-malware solution, and an increasing number of competitors requires an efficient way of testing. In contrast to desktop anti-malware, new security features and a different kind of performance impact have to be considered. The Android community provides many interesting tools for malware research and the Android Software Development Kit provides many useful tools - like emulator, adb and monkeyrunner, just to name a few - to build up a scaling test environment.

This presentation will describe the set-up of a sample test environment, management of products, building a malware collection for tests and automation of malware detection tests.