To spam or not to spam?

Evgeny Kolotinsky Kaspersky Lab
Darya Gudkova Kaspersky Lab

The amount of spam in mail traffic reduced in the last year. While investigating the reasons for this we found out that spam as a traditional method of advertisement has lost its importance. But despite the predictions, it doesn't turn to Web 2.0 spam; instead, spam customers flow away to legal platforms.

The business model of social networks and search engines, which is based mostly on advertising, turns out to be more efficient to reach a spammer's audience. Moreover, some of the latest regulations on what can be advertised in some social networks have attracted even more clients in this field.

In our presentation we will compare the cost and efficiency of advertising via spam and via social networks, depending on the subject of the advertisement. Moreover, we will show the difference in monetization between different kinds of spam for a spammer and reveal how this influences the process of migration of advertising from spam to social networks.

Finally, we will share how these tendencies will change the amount and content of email spam in the future.


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