The battle against anonymous browsing: the security challenges presented by Tor

Wednesday 24 September 14:30 - 15:00, Red room.

David Vargas VATG

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This presentation is about the current uses of Tor, both legal and illegal, but there will be a focus on its use by cybercriminals.

The Dark Web is a hidden area of the Internet that is often used for illegal activities. One of the Dark Web's most popular applications is Tor. This presentation will explore Tor's history and explain the concept of onion routing as it was developed by the US Navy. It will also discuss Tor architecture and explain how anonymity is achieved. It will then explore whether Tor is truly anonymous. After a discussion of Tor's legal and illegal uses, the presentation will review the August 2013 FBI Tor takedown of child pornographer Eric Marques and the use of Tor for malware on Facebook. The presentation will end with a discussion of what can be expected from Tor in the future.

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