Helping the helpless: targeted threats to civil society

Thursday 1 October 09:00 - 10:30, Small talks

Claudio Guarnieri (Independent researcher)

Targeted attacks are not exclusively a concern for public institutions and large corporations. They are also a particularly pervasive and impactful threat to members of civil society, and people engaged in political or journalistic work. Over the years we have seen many examples, which are still just drops in an ocean of attacks we're not able to catch. While civil society lacks the expertise and resources to research, understand and contrast these issues, the security community possesses the capacity and visibility that would be instrumental for human rights defenders to protect individuals at risk. In this session we'll look at what we know, and discuss ways to incentivize the technical community to contribute to solve very immediate tactical problems, and empower those fighting for democracy around the world, by doing it securely.

Claudio Guarnieri

Claudio Guarnieri

Claudio Guarnieri is a security researcher and free software developer. He created Cuckoo Sandbox and other tools and has been mainly researching targeted threats to civil society and the nature of the global surveillance industry. He's a fellow at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights, European University Viadrina, and a fellow at the CitizenLab, University of Toronto.