Personnel shortage and diversity in IT: Is it truly a problem?

Thursday 1 October 14:00 - 15:30, Small talks

Stephen Cobb (ESET)
Lysa Myers (ESET)

We've all heard horror stories about how little diversity there is in the greater tech field, as well as in InfoSec in particular, a phenomenon often apparent at industry events. But how does our current situation compare with the past? And what can (or should) we do to change that? Is there truly a shortage of candidates for employment in security jobs and if so, can greater diversity help solve that problem.

This presentation looks at multiple aspects of the diversity in tech problem, assessing what has been, and what might be done in the future. For example, we examine trends over time to determine patterns, and look at cyber security job listings to compare them with those in the broader tech industry to see if this provides clues to solving the problem.

Efforts are underway to change the composition of the security industry, making it more inclusive, and this paper provides a look at existing groups and initiatives that focus on supporting minorities in tech and InfoSec careers. We will also offer resources for those seeking to provide mentorship opportunities for students and others seeking to enter this industry.

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Lysa Myers

Lysa Myers

Lysa Myers began her tenure in malware research labs in the weeks before the Melissa virus outbreak in 1999. She has watched both the malware landscape and the security technologies used to prevent threats grow and change dramatically. Because keeping up with all this change can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy users, Myers enjoys explaining security issues in an approachable manner for companies and consumers alike. Over the years, Myers has worked both within anti-virus research labs, finding and analysing new malware, and within the third-party testing industry to evaluate the effectiveness of security products. As a Security Researcher for ESET, she focuses on providing practical analysis and advice of security trends and events.


Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb has been researching computer security and data privacy for 25 years and has advised government agencies and some of the world's largest companies on information assurance strategy, with a focus on new and emerging threats. The author of several books and hundreds of articles on digital security and privacy, Cobb first spoke at Virus Bulletin in 1994 and has been a Certified Information System Security Processional since 1996. He currently leads a San Diego based research team for security solutions provider ESET and is a graduate research student in the Criminology Department of the University of Leicester in England.



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