The Tor Project

Thursday 6 October 14:00 - 15:30, Small talks

David Goulet (The Tor Project)

Tor is an anonymity network with around 2.5 millions users at any time, with more than 7,000 relays and an increasing bandwidth capacity. In recent years, we've seen more and more interest in Tor Onion Services (a.k.a. Tor Hidden Services). They are used by the press to host whistle-blowing platforms, by activists who wants to set up websites that authorities want to shut down, by service providers to offer more security to their users, and for many other uses as well (good and bad, unfortunately).

The first part of this talk will be about the network: the limits of the network, how it is scaling, and globally how things work.

The second part will be about the technical aspects of Tor Onion Services: how they work, how people are starting to use them for things other than a simple web page, and an brief overview of the next generation onion service
we are currently working towards.

Finally, the last part of the session will be about starting a dialogue with the malware and AV community. Open discussions, questions about Tor and how we can help each other.


David Goulet

David is an Onion services developer and core member of the development team at The Tor Project.


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