VB100 Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VB100 tests and reports

Current and upcoming VB100 tests

The VB100 test runs every other month. The list below shows the current progress of the VB100 tests under way, and the planned submission and publication schedule for future tests*.

Tests in progress

VB100 June 2021

Submission deadline: 10th May 2021

Publication scheduled: late June 2021

Upcoming tests

VB100 August 2021

Submission deadline: TBA (early July 2021)

Publication scheduled: late August 2021

*This schedule is for information only, dates may be subject to change. Please contact the VB Test Team for more detailed information.


Latest Report

The latest VB100 test report

VB100 Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VB100 tests and reports

VB100 Methodology

Methodology for the VB100 certification test

VB100 for end-users

Learn what VB100 stands for and how we test..

VB100 for vendors

Not VB100 certified and want to be? See how your product can be enrolled to the test bench.

VB100 FAQs

FAQs for the VB100 certification scheme.

VB100 Test Archive

Details of all previous VB100 tests

VB Testing

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