Virus Bulletin's tests of gateway web traffic filters


In the VBWeb tests, Virus Bulletin tests and certifies web security solutions and measures their ability to block drive-by downloads (exploit kits), malware downloads and phishing pages.

Like all Virus Bulletin tests, we offer both public and private testing, and in both offerings regular feedback is provided to participating vendors so that they can learn about their products' performance.

We have been testing both on-premise and cloud-based web security solutions since 2015 and have recently updated our tool set to allow us to test solutions running on the endpoint too.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Data for these tests are provided by various public sources as well as an API provided by Active Defense. activedefense.png


Latest Report

The latest VBWeb comparative test report

VBWeb Test Schedule

The schedule for upcoming VBWeb test reports

VBWeb Methodology

The rules of the VBWeb comparative test

VBWeb Test Archive

Archive of VBWeb test reports.

VB Testing

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