ShieldApps Software Innovations in VB100

ShieldApps Software Innovations is a security and privacy software development company, focused on producing professional-grade software products that are applicable in both private and professional sectors. ShieldApps' portfolio includes security applications, privacy enhancement software, computer performance utilities, password management tools and more. 


ShieldApps' products are powered by sophisticated algorithms, yet are consumer oriented, thus user-friendly and are very popular among none-tech-savvy consumers that are looking for hustle free solutions to manage their computer online and offline needs.


Constantly adapting to consumer's trends and demands, the software and services are updated, tweaked and upgraded to ensure perpetual growth within the software and technology communities, alongside spotless customer satisfaction rates.


Events in VB100

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April 27, 2021

The VB100 report 2021-04 was released (Windows 10 Pro). Read the report for details.

February 22, 2021

The VB100 report 2021-02 was released (Windows 10 Pro). Read the report for details.
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