VBWeb reviews August 2016

Virus Bulletin's VBWeb tests measure how effective products are at blocking malicious web traffic, in particular exploit kits. 

In August 2016 we focused on two particular products: Fortinet's FortiGate and Trustwave's Secure Web Gateway, two products that both blocked almost all of the exploit kits they were served, and which duly earned VBWeb certification.

The two reviews can be read via the links below.




Latest reviews:

VB100 Comparative Review - April 2018

In the last of the current style VB100 tests, we put 35 anti-virus products from 32 vendors through their paces. 27 products achieved VB100 certification.

VBWeb Comparative Review - Spring 2018

In the latest VBWeb test we checked products against 571 drive-by downloads (exploit kits) and 423 direct malware downloads, as well as 335 URLs that we deemed ‘potentially malicious’.

VBSpam Comparative Review - March 2018

In this VBSpam test we looked at 11 full email security products as well as eight blacklists of various kinds. Each of the 11 full products reached the required standard to achieve a VBSpam award, and six of them performed so well they achieved a…

VB100 Comparative Review - February 2018

In the more than 20 years that Virus Bulletin’s anti-malware tests have been running, their primary aim has been to verify that products are able to keep up with the latest, confirmed threats. On this occasion, we were able to do this for no fewer…

VB100 Comparative Review - December 2017

At the end of this, the last VB100 test of 2017, 31 products from 27 vendors were able to add a VB100 award to their tallies.