VBWeb reviews August 2016

Virus Bulletin's VBWeb tests measure how effective products are at blocking malicious web traffic, in particular exploit kits. 

In August 2016 we focused on two particular products: Fortinet's FortiGate and Trustwave's Secure Web Gateway, two products that both blocked almost all of the exploit kits they were served, and which duly earned VBWeb certification.

The two reviews can be read via the links below.




Latest reviews:

VB100 Comparative Review June 2017

This month’s VB100 certification test saw 33 solutions from 29 different vendors from around the world on the test bench; 29 of the products passed the test and earned VB100 certification.

VBSpam Comparative Review

This month's VBSpam test was a good one for almost all products, with spam catch rates extremely high and the block rates of malicious emails also very good. Of the 15 full anti-spam solutions on test, 14 earned VBSpam certification, and eight earned…

VB100 Comparative Review - April 2017

In the first of a new style of bi-monthly VB100 reports with an updated test set-up, all but two participating solutions detect the full WildList, and all but eight earn VB100 certification.

VBWeb Comparative Review Spring 2017

The VBWeb test shows that web security products are an important second layer of protection that, in a world where things are never perfect, can make a huge difference. In this report, we look at the test results for Fortinet’s FortiGate appliance…

VBSpam Comparative Review

All of the products in this month's VBSpam test reached the benchmark required for VBSpam certification, and four of them performed well enough to earn the VBSpam+ accolade.