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Math baloney: yet another first

In April 2006 a virus appeared for a new virusable platform - the general-purpose, mathematics-oriented MatLab. Vesselin Bontchev provides us with the full details of the unremarkable and slightly buggy proof-of-concept virus MLab/Balogy.A.

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From the bedroom to the bank – IT threats evolve

'Phishing levels ... are expected to rise again due to the adoption of spear-phishing techniques.' Mark Sunner, MessageLabs.

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VB Comparative: Windows XP - June 2006

In Matt Ham's final comparative review for Virus Bulletin he puts 26 products for Windows XP through their paces. Two products enter the test line-up for the first time this month: TrustPort Antivirus and the rather more well-known Microsoft OneCare.…

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EICAR 2006 in a nutshell

Eddy Willems provides a roundup of this year's EICAR conference.

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Inside the PE file format

Sanjay Katkar describes how recent malicious programs have exploited the PE file format, manipulating the header fields to avoid detection.

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Malware Penetration Index: a new virus metric

Oren Drori and Nicky Pappo introduce their new model for calculating malware penetration probability during an outbreak.

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Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

'The industry needs to look at what can be done to increase its defences, and provide innovative solutions.' Joshua Corman, Internet Security Systems.

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A Different look at the rootkit installation process

Aleksander Czarnowski (AVET Information and Network Security)

Aleksander Czarnowski takes a look at one of the largely undocumented aspects of penetration testing: rootkit installation for profiling system security at local level.

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eTrust Internet Security Suite

Matt Ham puts eTrust's ISS package through its paces.

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Turn off your PC

Tomer Honen explains why being mugged at gunpoint could cost you less than being the target of the next multi-stage phishing attack.

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