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VB2017 preview: Mariachis and jackpotting: ATM malware from Latin America

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 25, 2017

We preview the VB2017 presentation by Kaspersky Lab researchers Thiago Marques and Fabio Assolini in which they look at malware targeting ATMs in Latin America.

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VB2017 preview: Stuck between a ROC and a hard place

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 24, 2017

We preview the VB2017 paper by Microsoft's Holly Stewart and Joe Blackbird, which uses data about users switching anti-virus provider to decide whether machine-learning models should favour avoiding false positives over false negatives.

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VB2017 preview: Consequences of bad security in health care

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 23, 2017

We preview the VB2017 presentation by Jelena Milosevic, an ICU nurse by profession, who will provide the audience with an inside view of security in hospitals.

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VB2017 Small Talk: The encryption vs. inspection debate

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 22, 2017

At VB2017, Cloudflare's Head of Cryptography Nick Sullivan will give a Small Talk on the intercepting of HTTPS connections by proxies and anti-virus software.

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Throwback Thursday: Ten memorable Virus Bulletin conference presentations - part 2

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Aug 10, 2017

In the second part of this two-part blog series, we look at five more memorable Virus Bulletin conference presentations.

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Five tips for submitting to Calls for Papers

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 9, 2017

With the VB2017 Call for Papers out, here are five tips to increase your chances of getting your submission accepted.

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The WannaCry kill switch wasn't inserted to make someone a hero

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 8, 2017

Following the arrest of WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchings, suggestions have been made that he was behind the WannaCry malware itself, and that he inserted the kill switch to make himself a hero. This seems highly unlikely.

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Throwback Thursday: Ten memorable Virus Bulletin conference presentations - part 1

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 3, 2017

In a two-part blog post series, we look back at ten memorable VB conference presentations from the past ten years.

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Worms wiggling inside your networks are a lot harder to stop

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 3, 2017

The authors of the Trickbot banking trojan seem to have taken note of the use of SMB by WannaCry and (Not)Petya and have added an (experimental) module that uses SMB for lateral movement.

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VB2017 drinks reception to be hosted in Madrid's unique Geographic Club

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 1, 2017

To give those attending VB2017 Madrid a chance to experience a little bit of the host city, the VB2017 drinks reception will be held at the unique and fascinating Geographic Club.

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