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VB2016 preview: Detecting Man-in-the-Middle Attacks With Canary Requests

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Sep 6, 2016

At VB2016, Cylance researcher Brian Wallace will reveal a multi-platform tool that runs on the endpoint and uses various techniques to detect ongoing man-in-the-middle attacks.

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A look at the VB2016 sponsors

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Sep 5, 2016

More than a dozen companies and organizations are lending their support to VB2016 as conference sponsors and supporting organizations.

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Guest blog: Nemucod ransomware analysis

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Sep 2, 2016

In a guest blog, Webroot researcher Jesse Lopez looks at another variant in the massive crop of malware that takes users’ files hostage: Nemucod ransomware.

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VB2016 preview: Mobile Applications: a Backdoor into Internet of Things?

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Sep 1, 2016

At VB2016 in Denver, Fortinet researcher Axelle Apvrille will discuss how analysing a device's complementary mobile app can help a great deal in understanding the architecture of a smart device.

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VB2016 preview: Wild Android Collusions

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 31, 2016

Full technical details of the first in-the-wild Android app 'collusion' attack, where multiple apps perform an attack in collaboration, will be shared with the public in at VB2016 in Denver on 5 October.

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Small Talks return to the Virus Bulletin Conference

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 26, 2016

Following their success last year, this year a series of "Small Talks" return to the VB2016 conference programme. We are pleased to announce the details of six of these talks, covering subjects that range from the Chinese cybercriminal underground to Android security, the Tor Project, and exploit kits.

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Research shows web security products perform well against exploit kits

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 24, 2016

Research by Virus Bulletin, in which five web security products were served 54 live exploit kits, shows that the products blocked between 87 and 100 per cent of the kits.

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Throwback Thursday: Olympic Games

Posted by   Helen Martin on   Aug 2, 2016

In 1994, along with the Olympic Games came an Olympic virus, from a group of Swedish virus authors calling themselves ‘Immortal Riot’. We look back at Mikko Hyppönen's analysis in the VB archive.

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VB2016 call for last-minute papers opened, discounts announced

Posted by   Martijn Grooten on   Aug 1, 2016

Announcing the VB2016 call for last-minute papers and a number of discounts on the conference registration rate.

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Guest Blog: Malicious Scripts Gaining Prevalence in Brazil

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Jul 28, 2016

In the run up to VB2016, we invited the conference sponsors to write guest posts for our blog. In the second of this series, ESET's Matías Porolli writes about malicious Visual Basic and JavaScript gaining prevalence in Brazil.

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