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VB2017 Small Talk: The encryption vs. inspection debate

At VB2017, Cloudflare's Head of Cryptography Nick Sullivan will give a Small Talk on the intercepting of HTTPS connections by proxies and anti-virus software.
We all know that security often gets in the way of convenience, but sometimes security even gets in the way of security. This is the case, for example, when a decision needs to be…

VB2017 Small Talks and reserve papers announced

Today we announce the first two Small Talks for the VB2017 programme: ENISA will provide its perspective on the WannaCry outbreak and the lessons learned from it, while David Harley will talk about the past and present of security product testing.
Today, we are pleased to announce the first two Small Talks for the VB2017 programme. The 'Small Talks' were first introduced as a third stream at the VB Conference in 2015,…

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