Network access control technologies

Benjamin Czarny OPSWAT

  download slides (PDF)

Cisco, Microsoft and the Trusted Computing Group are battling to control the keys to locking untrusted endpoints out of networks. Whether you call the approach network access control, network admission control, network access protection, network node validation or trusted network connect, the premise is identical - systems should grant access to the network based on factors such as anti-malware protection level, personal firewall assessment, host and user authentication, location, and even time of day.

This session will:

  • review network access control technologies delivered by Cisco, Microsoft, TCG, IETF and selected non-standard based solutions such as Nevis Networks and LockDown Networks
  • outline the partnerships between anti-malware companies and each one of the technologies, it will then outline the partnership process and the resources that would be required for each initiative
  • compare the processes and enlist technical, business and marketing advantages and risks of implementing each network access technology partnership.


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