Last-minute paper reserve: Fragmented distribution attack

Anoirel Issa MessageLabs, Symantec

  download slides (PDF)

Through the years there has been a constant evolution of anti-virus evasion techniques. One of the latest trends that has been widely witnessed is process code injection.

However, a not previously and publicly disclosed technique may lead to some irreversible consequences: we call this technique the 'Fragmented Distribution Attack'.

An email with a simple attached image arrives in your mailbox from someone you might know, you double click and open it. As expected the image is displayed and nothing else happens. A system administrator might have noticed nothing suspicious from his system monitor logs. Everything looks fine as the anti-virus product and the firewall remain silent. No one would expect that under that silence, the computer is being compromised by a Fragmented Distribution Attack. This sounds like a fictional tale, but beware, this threat has been first seen by MessageLabs researchers as early as August 2008, and might be happening within your own networked systems.


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