Attack surface analysis of Tizen devices

Friday 26 September 11:00 - 11:30, Red room.

Irfan Asrar McAfee

   This paper is available online (HTML, PDF).

Tizen is an open-source platform designed for multiple computing platforms, such as smartphones, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), smart TV, wearable devices, consumer electronics, etc. Tizen comes at a time when the threat against mobile computing is growing in tandem with the popularity of mobile devices. Compared to Android, iOS and Blackberry, Tizen offers several different options within the device structure to combat the rise in malware targeting mobile devices. This paper will examine these options and their ability to counteract malware and privacy threats.

Irfan Asrar

Irfan Asrar

Irfan Asrar is a researcher with Intel Security group (formerly McAfee). He has been working in the security field for the past 10 years, originally focusing his research on Windows/Linux-based malware, and now focusing exclusively on embedded and mobile device security, as well as researching topics such as emerging technologies (e.g. Tizen) and privacy protection in the age of the Internet of Things/Big Data.


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