Calling all PUA fighters!

Wednesday 4 October 14:00 - 15:30, Small talks

Dennis Batchelder (AppEsteem)

You already know how PUAs can screw up your customers' machines. And you know how difficult it is to fight these deceptive apps: first doing the research to tease apart the companies, advertisers, and affiliates, then not being able to rely on automation, and finally dealing with the fallout from the vendor – and their lawyers.

AppEsteem works with app vendors to clean up their software, and then provides free feeds and services for security vendor research teams to help them better protect their customers from deceptive apps. In this small talk, we'll show how to use our APIs and detail the requirements, how to sign up to become a partner, and share our roadmap detailing how we're going to fight against PUAs even harder. You'll hear directly from other AV teams about how they work with us, and we'll even share some early results from our sponsored test on how the AVs are performing against PUAs. We promise it won't be a sales pitch, and we'll keep it fun, informative, and interactive. If you're fighting PUAs, please come. If you're not fighting PUAs but know you should be, please come and learn how our free resources can help your product get there.



Dennis Batchelder

Dennis Batchelder is the President of AppEsteem Corporation, where he's busy eradicating unwanted and deceptive software while helping the software monetization industry thrive. He spent eight years at Microsoft, where he led their anti-malware efforts. Prior to Microsoft, Dennis was Senior Vice President at Computer Associates, which he joined after founding, running, and selling the company a network security product company. Dennis lives in Seattle, Washington and is the author of the Soul Identity novels.







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