The sprawling market of consumer spyware

Wednesday 4 October 15:00 - 15:30, Green room

Joseph Cox (VICE Motherboard)

We all know about companies that sell malware exclusively to governments — Hacking Team, FinFisher, NSO Group — but another, much more audacious industry has been largely overlooked: that of spyware for the everyday consumer. Completely ordinary people are buying malware to intercept phone calls, remotely switch on device mics, and track GPS locations.

From the very start, some members of this industry have explicitly marketed their products to those wanting to spy on their lover or spouse. And the malware has been linked to a slew of domestic violence incidents, and even cases of murder.

This presentation will explore the consumer spyware market, give an idea of the scale of the industry, and show how some companies profit from a totally unregulated trade of powerful monitoring tools.


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