PUPs: a tale about consumers, money and data (partner presentation)

Thursday 4 October 10:00 - 10:30, Red room

Daniel Assouline (Avanquest Group)

AdAware’s focus and strategy is to fight malware in the marketplace by taking installs away from the more aggressive actors. This battle has always positioned us on the delicate line between malware and malware-fighter. We’d love to share some of our experiences and data collected over the last three years to give you a unique perspective on both consumers and malware companies so that we can, collectively, become better at fighting malware.

(This presentation is part of adaware's Platinum Partnership.)



Daniel Assouline

Daniel Assouline held the position as CEO of Adaware (formerly Lavasoft), a Canadian company that specializes in anti-malware products and that has become a world-renown security software provider, until recently when he became the CEO of Avanquest Canada.  

In March 2018, Adaware and its group of companies proudly announced a merger with the French company Avanquest and a subsidiary of Claranova to form a strategic partnership and create a new global Internet player.

A web entrepreneur at heart, Daniel has co-founded several high-tech ventures since 2001, including: Lulu Software, which offers PDF solutions with SodaPDF software, and UpClick, an ecommerce platform for software vendors, both which are now operating under the Avanquest umbrella.

Prior to launching his own businesses, Daniel spent seven years at Dell where he held various positions in sales, marketing and technology during his tenure.

For the past ten years, Daniel has acquired and invested in many real-estate ventures, including residential properties and commercial developments in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Daniel holds an MBA from Queen’s University in Canada.

As a well-respected Philanthropist, Daniel gives generously to many charitable organizations with his time and support through his ongoing dedication and involvement in the community.  He actively volunteers and participates in fund-raising year round for many diverse and worthy causes. 

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