Where have all the good hires gone?

Thursday 4 October 16:30 - 17:00, Red room

Lysa Myers (ESET)

Much ink has been spilled on the subject of the information security skills gap, and how difficult it is to hire and retain people for these positions. And yet, we all know someone (or may even be that person!) who has had a hard time finding a suitable position despite having appropriate education, certification and/or work experience. 

Does this mean the statistics pointing to a million-job shortage are inaccurate? Does this mean that education and certifications are not adequately preparing people for the real world? Or is there another possibility?

In this talk, we will explore:

  • Ways in which employers can improve the odds of finding the security talent they need.
  • How companies can increase employee retention in a tight job market.
  • How seeking and retaining a diverse technical workforce can improve overall productivity and effectiveness.
  • Methods for encouraging and recruiting newcomers from non-traditional sources.
  • Alternate career-path options for those who do not relish the stereotypical trajectory of leaving a technical track for a managerial position.

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